Afghan Exit Strategy Equals Vietnamization:
The Old Cut and Run

September 19, 2012

It appears that the NATO (spelled U.S.) exit strategy from Afghanistan is rapidly morphing into a modern-day Vietnamization…except that the South Vietnamese were not actively murdering their U.S. trainers.

Marwan's Corner

In fact, the South Vietnamese military was a Rolls-Royce compared to the Chevy Volt Afghan National Army.

And this is not lost on Marwan.

Like any person with a single cylinder of common sense, Marwan understands that fighting an asymmetrical war with symmetrical strategy is like peeing into the wind.

Fighting from fixed bases while hobbled by antiquated Geneva Conventions which are implemented through ridiculous politically correct rules of engagement never was, and still is not, the way to defeat a home-grown terrorist enemy whose threads are woven into every element of the host country’s fabric.” 

The British learned this during the American Revolutionary War; the Americans learned this in Viet Nam and the former Soviet Union learned this in Afghanistan.

And…even funnier is the propaganda (lies) that Britain, the U.S. and the former Soviet Union fed their respective populaces as their troops were being needlessly slaughtered and their economies were being ruined. All for the sake of propping up political leaders who either did not have a clue about how to fight asymmetrical warfare or could not pick people who were either not smart enough or too smart to execute misguided and dumb policies.

This week, in his own way, Marwan expresses his confusion and frustration with this topic.

One can only hope that something changes with American “leadership” before this great nation needlessly loses many more of its best and is forced to beg loans from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to pay off its debts to China.

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