Sargis was a pioneer in the development of weapons of neighborhood annoyance.  By the age of 10, it became obvious to him that he had two choices in life:  (1) apply his intellect to creative endeavors or (2) spend an eternity sitting in the headmaster’s office wearing a dunce cap.  Sargis had his first play published while still in secondary school.

Reliable sources say that Sargis was an American Studies major in college who intensively studied Enlightenment Period Thought for the first two years and American Economic History for the final two.  It is rumored that Sargis believes in rational discourse, individual liberty and the free market.  Unconfirmed sources report that Sargis was directly responsible for the nervous breakdowns of several faculty members.

During his sophomore year in college, Sargis fomented revolution as one of the youngest candidates for municipal office in Connecticut history.  He was instrumental in the lowering of Connecticut’s Majority age and the age for municipal candidacy from 21 to 18.  Surprisingly (or maybe not), he has been active in a broad spectrum of Democratic political campaigns from local to presidential and has held key positions in most.

As a lifelong registered Democrat, Dan believes that the Party of Bill Clinton (formerly the Party of Jefferson) has, "in principle, practice and morals", abandoned the middle class...except for stealing their hard-earned income, "Shut Up and Just Pay Your Taxes." 

Intelligence sources confirm that Sargis writes extensively about American culture, economics and politics from a secret base camp in the mountains of Bolivia.  Without the ridiculousness of both Political Correctness and the elite Liberal media, he would retire to an uninhabitable island and eat roasted manicou smothered in spray cheese. 

A Connecticut aboriginal, Sargis graduated from Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut, and received his M.B.A. from the Johnson School at Cornell University.  Neither school admits to him ever having matriculated.  In addition to being a freelance writer, Sargis is also a principal in a private investment-development company he founded with his brother while both were in college

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