New Emperor...Same Old Clothes

July 3, 2008 

It’s patently absurd how liberals run around chanting “change we can believe in” when, in fact, their new would-be Emperor Obama is the same-old disingenuousness in a new suit. 

Obama’s version of “change” began by greasing his millionaire buddies. 

A quick trip to the Obama campaign website reveals that Barack just can’t wait to start bestowing his largesse on “workers’, “working families” and the “middle class”. 

In fact, he’s so excited about playing political “trick or treat” that he confidently promises to immediately “eliminate income taxes for 10 million Americans” and “provide 150 million workers the tax relief they deserve”. 

However, the first step in Obama’s economic stimulus plan is paying a political bribe to his multimillionaire buddy, Hillary Clinton (Hillary and Bill Clinton have earned $111 million since leaving the White House). 

Hillary still owes $10 million to her “vendors” and $12 million on a loan she made from herself to herself. 

Included among the poor little vendors that Obama is helping Hillary pay-off are: (1) lobbyist/pollster/strategist Mark Penn, $4.8 million; (2) ad-maker/propagandist Mandy Grunwald, $695,000; (3) spin artist/strategist Minyon Moore, $216,000; (4) Clinton campaign finance attorney Lyn Utrecht, $85,000 and (5) high-powered Beltway lawyer Bob Barnett, $25,000.  Extraordinarily rich people all.    

So, with his ever unselfish devotion to “working families”, Barack stepped up to the plate and urged that, “I'm going to need Hillary by my side campaigning during this election” so all of you donors should “get out (your) checkbooks and start working to make sure (that Senator Clinton’s) debt that's out there (is) taken care of.”  

As the Wall Street Journal honestly clothed it, “Mrs. Clinton showed up in Unity, N.H. for a symbolic event with Mr. Obama and the downpayment seems to begin with $10 million in cash – the amount her campaign still owes outside vendors.  She has told Mr. Obama that unless he helps her pay off that debt, she just won't have the time to campaign for him this summer. She also told him she needs a jet to ferry her about the country.” 

It just warms my heart to know that the worker’s champion, Obama, has decided that his first Keynesian duty is to help pay-off Hillary’s wealthy buddies...and keep her butt in a private jet. 

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.  Not very new. 

For his multimillionaire buddy Hillary, Obama stepped right up and gave $4600 on behalf of his wife Michelle and himself.  His Campaign Finance Chair Penny Pritzker also donated $4600 on behalf of herself and her husband to Hillary. 

Oh, that’s right...who is Penny Pritzker? 

 The “change” that Obama is promising includes nothing new in his choice of bankers.  Campaign Finance Chair, Penny Pritzker, is the billionaire heiress to one of America’s wealthiest families.  And, other than having donated thousands to John McCain, George W. Bush, Dennis Hastert, Bill Frist, Rudi Giuliani and Joe Lieberman...she also donates and solicits donations for Obama. 

New side of the fence.   

What’s so new about one definition of green for the elite and a decidedly different definition of green for “working families”? 

And speaking of “working families”.... 

I guess that the media is so spellbound admiring the emperor’s new clothes that they don’t have any attention left for a few very basic questions. 

Obama, if elected, is promising to immediately end income taxation for 10 million “workers” and afford tax relief to an additional 150 million “workers”. 

It would be nice if, for once, somebody in the media (or anybody) would ask a liberal for the definitions of “middle class” and “working person”. 

In 2007 there were just under 140 million income tax returns filed.  If you made the wild assumption that all of these returns were joint returns that would account for 280 million people...nearly the entire population of the US. 

We know from the IRS that 97% of the income taxes are paid by the people in the top 50% income brackets of all those who file...starting with people who have adjusted gross incomes of just over $30,000 per year.  Nice to be “rich”. 

Again, based on the most accommodating of assumptions that every return is a joint return...only about 140 million would be paying all of the income tax (don’t fret because the bottom 50% gets to divvy up over $40 billion in earned income credits and pay no tax) . 

If Obama eliminated income taxation for 10 million people and gave tax relief to 150 million additional people...he would have just given tax relief to the entire country including his millionaire buddies. 

Change we can believe in is a new way of saying, “Don’t ask questions when the numbers just don’t make any sense”. 

In fact, the only numbers that do make sense are the millions of dollars that Obama is raising to help his multimillionaire buddy Hillary pay-off her millionaire buddies. 

Does this sound like “change”? 

Methinks the emperor-in-waiting is naked but who’s going to tell him?


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