Heads In The Sand

February 7, 2008 

Can you imagine the national media firestorm if a story ever broke about President George W Bush having had a teenage affair with a learning disabled girl from Andover Massachusetts? 

Let’s see, maybe “the affable Eva Braun of the evening news” would lead with...”Today it was disclosed that a predatory teenage future President was sexually involved with a learning challenged girl while he was a student at the exclusive Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts.  Stay tuned for our breaking story on whispers of possible rape charges echoing in the hallways of the Bush White House.” 

Inevitably, this story would reduce itself to President Bush having dated a preppy wisp who was learning disabled because she couldn’t solve quadratic equations in her head. 

Yet, when a real story broke this week that two mentally retarded Iraqi women “strapped with remote-control explosives” were tricked by  al Qaida into becoming unwitting suicide bombers it became a non-event. 

That’s right, “Two women suicide bombers who have killed nearly 80 people in Baghdad were Down's Syndrome victims exploited by al Qaida” and nary a word about it reported by the mainstream media. 

In all fairness, Katie Couric gave the story about 15 seconds and then proceeded to report how 4.9% domestic unemployment was threatening the viability of the US economy. 

In fact, to reinforce her point, Couric reported the results of a CBS poll that asked Americans “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?”   They responded with 23% Economy and Jobs, 22% War in Iraq,  7% Health Care and 5% Immigration. 

Can you imagine what the reporting would have been that day had it been a purported Bush sex scandal or, better yet, had the evil Dick Cheney conspired with the CIA to recruit women with Down’s Syndrome for suicide missions against al Qaida?  Or, even worse, had President Bush used the term mentally “retarded” instead of “challenged”? 

While: the New York Times castigates the Bush Administration because “Waterboarding is torture”; Senator Obama is quick to denounce “Judge Mukasey's professed ignorance of the debate over the propriety of practices like waterboarding ...as a means of interrogation” as “appalling” and Hillary hedges that “I think we have to draw a bright line and say, 'No torture – abide by the Geneva Conventions, abide by the laws we have passed”...the Times limited its reporting about al-Qaeda using the mentally retarded as suicide bombers to this...“Iraqi security officials said the women were mentally disabled, but offered no conclusive evidence.”  

And, for all their yakety-yak about torture...they suddenly went mute on the subject of Down’s Syndrome bombers.  

In fact, the liberal media machine and the entire field of Democrat Presidential candidates suddenly fell into a “hear no evil, see no evil” mindset. 

And, where were the condemnations from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Code Pink, Moveon.org, the Red Cross, and the UN about the usage of unwitting mentally retarded suicide bombers by al-Qaeda? 

You have to love this game of expectations. 

Enemies of the free world are expected to: fly civilian airliners into commercial office buildings; blow up trains full of civilians; behead civilians; bomb civilian markets and use civilian retards as suicide bombers.

Immediately after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad bragged that “Women in Iran enjoy the highest levels of freedom,” the Iranian Supreme Court gave the thumbs-up to stoning two Iranian sisters to death for adultery. This was after two sisters had initially been tried for “illegal relations” for the same incident of purported infidelity and received 99 lashes.  

Because it is expected...it’s no big deal. 

This country is threatened by the most immoral enemy in its history and all the next generation of its wanna-be leaders can do is stick their heads in the sand. 

Well, maybe keeping your head in the sand is not such a bad idea...at least it won’t get blown off when al-Qaeda commits its next atrocity on American soil. 

At least we will have a President who can survey the carnage and proudly proclaim that “Waterboarding is torture”.


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