Same Peas—Different Pods

June 14, 2007 

Reading about Paris Hilton screaming for her Mommy as she was dragged to jail reminded me of some Jim Hightower humor... George W. was born on third, but thinks he hit a triple

Now we all know that there is nothing similar about W and Paris...other than the fact that they are both multiple generation trust fund brats who both got bagged with DUI arrests and, with their butts against the wall, both found God. 

I don’t have anything against persons who are either: born wealthy and/or arrested for DUI convictions and/or find a spiritual dimension in their lives. 

Being born wealthy is not to the fault or credit of the is just the luck of the draw. 

For the lifetime of most normal people...a DUI arrest is just a statistical matter of chance.  The truth is that while most people have driven while legally drunk at least once...only a relatively few ever get arrested.  

And...finding God is a Constitutional right and can be a pretty good thing. 

But, having said this, W and Paris are both people who “talk the talk but fail to walk the walk”. 

When Paris once condescendingly feigned, “What is Wal-Mart?  Is it like they sell wall stuff?”, her contempt for the average American was little different than the contempt W often exhibits when he: sends brave Americans into war and doesn’t let them fight; spends hard-earned tax dollars like they were his own and tries to shove an Amnesty bill down the LEGAL taxpayers’ throats by telling whatever lies it takes. 

I think this is called hubris. 

I think this is called using and abusing your base. 

I think this is called being a spoiled brat. 

Both W and Paris let their mouths wander to places that they personally will never arrive at. 

Case in point... 

In August of 2002, Paris bragged to Ann Curry that, “I think I am a good role model”, and then by 2005 her sex-romp video 1 Night in Paris was a best seller.  By 2007 Paris had been: arrested for a DUI; pulled over for driving with a suspended license; again ticketed for driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone without her headlights on after dark with a suspended license and then thrown in jail.  This was all the fault of her publicist. 

In 1976, the then 30 year old W is arrested for DUI.  During a 1998 interview W repeatedly denied that he had ever been arrested “after 1968”.  In 2000, a story about his 1976 arrest broke on the national news.  W then acknowledged his 1976 arrest.  His excuse for lying was conveyed to CNN by Karen Hughes (then campaign communications spokeswoman for the Bush campaign), “...he had made a decision as a father that he did not want to set that bad example for his daughters or for any other children.”  So W just lied and made Hughes do the clean-up.

How do you spell ROLE MODEL? 

In a 2006 LA Times story, Paris denied that “she uses money to get what she wants”.  By 2007, she not only rigged the system to get an early release from jail because of “an undisclosed medical condition” but, on her reinsertion (?) into jail, “Hilton's parents visited their daughter after breezing past others waiting to see loved ones”.  Her parents skipped to the front of the visitor’s waiting line ahead of ordinary people who had been waiting for hours. 

After sitting out the Vietnam War in the Texas Air National Guard, W promised the American people a “War on Terrorism” after the 9-11 attacks.  Instead, he has delivered brave American troops into a panty-waist politically correct police action.  W makes nice with the Muslims on Ramadan by reminding Americans that “Islam is a peace-loving faith” while he sends Americans into battle handcuffed by Rules of Engagement fit for a prep school girl’s field hockey match. 

And today... 

With her butt in jail, Paris now believes that, “I have become much more spiritual. God has given me this new chance."  

With her spiritual epiphany, Paris wishes to, “ in the fields of breast cancer...   or multiple sclerosis” or “...get toy companies to build a kind of Paris Hilton playhouse, where sick children might come, and the toy companies could donate toys” (and she could get the royalties).   

Paris is now a different person because, “"God has released me” (even though the state of California hasn’t). 

In yet another Redux of trying to get something right and completely getting it wrong...W is now hell-bent to “give” the American people “the best hope for lasting reform” of our dangerously failed immigration system. 

W promises that “We have a mission, a vital mission, and that's to protect our country”. 

W also promises that “Our nation depends on our federal agents to enforce our immigration laws at the border and across the country. You've (immigration agents) got a big job to do; we're counting on you to enforce those laws” (and if you do try to enforce those laws my lackey U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton will throw your butts in jail just like we did to Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean). 

Since money and lies always served to mask his shortcomings, W figures that the answer to border security is also monetary...“One way to measure how things have changed is look at the budget. We've doubled the funding for border ...One commitment to the American people that we're serious about helping you do your job is to spend more money on the job. It's a way to measure whether or not our -- we're meeting our words with commitment. And we are” (of course he fails to mention that his “solution” will also cost the American people at least $2.6 trillion) in welfare and other entitlements. 

And, in the most perverted logic, W thinks that “you can tell when the border is better defended because the number of arrests go down... Arrests have gone down by 27 percent over the past year on the southern border”.    

Of course the number of arrests have border agent wants to be thrown in jail for trying to arrest a Mexican drug dealer who got “...immunity to testify against U.S. Border Patrol agents,...taxpayer-funded medical care for his buttocks wound, an unconditional border-crossing card (and) the right to sue the U.S. for ‘civil rights’ violations” to help jail two U.S. Border agents doing their “jobs”. 

Just think about the plight of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean while you read W’s immigration remarks and you decide what kind of a person our President really is.  

Oh yeah, there’s one more trait that W and Paris have in common...they both haven’t yet realized that when you put your faith in God, you’d better be honest.  It is just a fact-of-the-matter that, if you truly believe in God, then you can’t lie to God because he instantly knows it’s a lie. 

Or...are they just lying to the American people?


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