March 15, 2007 

By making the ad hoc decision that she is normal, Rosie O'Donnell has apparently decided to make crazy the norm. 

This is a notion that comforts a vocal and growing minority of America.  The notion that abnormal is normal is a defensive mechanism that allows the abnormal to rationalize away their abnormality at the expense of the deserving normal members of society. 

As a backdrop for the March 9, 2007 broadcast of the ABC talk show The View , a banner hung above Rosie that read “It is Normal to be Abnormal”.  Although that phrase is also the title of a book by one of The View’s guests on crazy-person-day, it is a message that Rosie O’Donnell pushes at the public in the hopes that one day it may become true...or at least allows her to live with herself.  

But...it just isn’t true because it is a mathematical impossibility...unless the majority of the U.S. population is nuts...which we will find out if Hillary is elected. 

Think about the derivation of the term “normal”. 

“Normal” is defined as “relating to, involving, or being a normal curve or normal distribution” and “not deviating from that norm”.   

And how is that “norm” established? 

To answer that question we look to the Gaussian distribution or normal distribution.  You know what I “mean” here...that dreaded foe of liberalism...the bell curve. 

In the simplest of terms, normal is average and average is the arithmetic mean of a specified population.   

For instance, if you wanted to know what the “normal” amount of brains per person was in the human population, you would count the total number of brains in the world and divide that amount by the total number of people in the world.  The answer would be that, on average, the “normal” person has one brain.   

This is counter to the arguments trying to be made by that half-wit Rosie and her brainless cohorts on The View...unless you need to spend your day hanging upside-down. 

In a very basic context, “normal”, “average” or the “mean” is at the heart of statistical analysis.   

When it suits their needs, liberals love to use statistics.  Think of some common assumptions like Smoking causes cancer or Drunk driving kills.  While mostly true, these are only assumptions based on statistical analysis and they are not absolutes. 

Not everybody who smokes will develop cancer.  In fact, not everybody who smokes will die from a smoking related illness.  There are always members of a population who will deviate so far from the “mean” or “average” of that population that assumptions based on that “average” will not apply to them.  Yes...it is possible to smoke 5 packs a day and never suffer a smoking related illness. 

Yet, the statistical research shows that, “on average”, smoking kills and that conclusion is proof enough to make it a truth...for political and even economic purposes. 

Statistical analysis affects almost every aspect of your life from the televisions shows that are produced to the food products available on your grocer’s shelves.  Statistical analysis determines all of your insurance rates and much of the legislation the government shoves down your throats. 

But, when a statistical proof is unacceptable to the liberal mission...it is thrown out with the bath water. 

When people like Rosie try to tell you that abnormal is normal...it just ain’t so.  When Rosie tries to portray the modern homosexual family as normal...it just ain’t so.  When Rosie tries to tell you that being a big fat sloppy intemperate loser is normal...she is nuts.  But all normal people know that. 

On a person-by-person basis, it may be acceptable to be homosexual or bipolar.  It may be legal; it may be acceptable and it may also be fun...but it is abnormal.  

It is abnormal because it falls outside the “mean” or “average” of the population.  Just as being an Olympic Gold Medalist or an Albert Einstein makes you statistically abnormal so does being bipolar. 

And...what is so bad about trying to make the abnormal into the normal?  It is harmful and self-serving propaganda. 

When Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet, the next step was for Madonna to kiss Britney (to which Britney responded “I think I'm still clean living”).  And the very next step was for a legion of easily impressed teenage American girls to start making-out with each other. 

That’s how propaganda works.  It is as easy to drag a society down to the lowest common denominator as it is to be stupid.  Ever notice how good things like being smart or physically fit take more effort than bad things like being dumb or fat?   

It just defies imagination that Rosie et al keep pushing the concept that “It is Normal to be Abnormal” on society.  If that were true, then “It would be Abnormal to be Normal” and four divided by two would equal three.  And maybe that’s what Rosie is hoping for.


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