Molehills And Mountains

April 27, 2006 

The New York Times never held a hand of race cards that it didn’t like to play.  That is, of course, as long as the race cards were the right color.  Welcome to the NY Slimes’ fantasyland of Bizarro-Apartheid.  You know...that pharisaical world where white transgressions are mountains and all others are but a molehill. 

And speaking of molehills...the Slimes is certainly making much ado about nothing out of the Duke University lacrosse team’s situation.  As the entire universe is now aware, three “white” Duke laxers “raped” a “black” stripper...uh, I mean...” a 27-year-old single mother, student and wannabe lawyer”. 

As the story continuously unfolds, this “27-year-old single mother of two” with a previous criminal record for: stealing a taxi driver’s car after giving him a lap dance; leading police on a high-speed chase; driving with more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her and trying to run over a deputy...had “held factory and store jobs but had begun working for an escort service to help pay for college”.   

Jesse Jackson has even “been told that she had plans to go to law school” and he wants to “to help her with that” by giving her a scholarship funded by the tax free dollars from “his Chicago-based Rainbow/Push Coalition” (where’s Tawana Brawley when you need her). 

By the way, will those will be the same tax-exempt dollars that Jackson used to pay his mistress, Karen Stanford, up to $120,000 per year plus a relocation bonus of $35,000 when she became pregnant with his child? 

I bet Jackson “can't wait ... to talk...and have prayer with” the “27-year-old single mother of two”.   

Even though there is no DNA match between the evidence “on or about” the stripper’s body and anyone from the Duke lax team, North Carolina’s Durham County district attorney Michael B. Nifong got a grand jury to indict two of the players (and a ham sandwich) based on a photo “lineup of 46 photos individually depicting all the Duke lacrosse team members” and nobody else.  Nifong is pressing for a third indictment.   

Hey Michael...I guess you take what you get in an election year even if the real evidence suggests that at least one of the indicted was not even in the building when the “rape” occurred. 

Based on this extraordinarily conclusive evidence, the New York Times jumped on the opportunity to run this story along with the names and home-state addresses of the indicted Duke students...oh, that’s right...the stripper is a student but these white kids are privileged lacrosse players. 

Not only did the NYT’s run this story, but they ran it again and again and again. 

In fact, an article search of the NYT’s website for the last 30days using the combined terms of Duke, White and Lacrosse yields 26 related printings. 

While the country was racially imploding over the alleged rape of a “black” stripper by 3 “rich white” laxers, a minor sideshow transpired in Las Vegas. 

In a scene that could been from the movie Hotel Rwanda, a gang (team?) of 15 to 20 people in their late teens and early 20s carried out what could be up to six robberies and beatings throughout the Las Vegas area last weekend (and unlike Duke, this was caught live on security video).  The color of the perpetrators was not released by the local media until it was graphically obvious that they are black and the color of the victims has never been mentioned (how do you spell Black Stripper-White Lacrosse Players?). 

And speaking of never being article search of the NYT’s website for the last 30 days using the search terms Las Vegas, Attack and Black yields not a single NYT’s article on this rampage.  Not one. 

Let’s put this in perspective.   

A group of 15 to 20 black individuals commit up to six robberies and beatings over a two day period in a major American city and not an ounce of ink about it is printed on the pages of the NYT’s.  In fact, the entire universe of the MSM is sketchy at best on the details of this rampage.   

As pieced together, here is the rampage’s timeline: 

1.       Saturday April 22 at 1:00am – A Walmart manager is beaten in the store’s parking lot and a female customer is beaten and robbed in the same parking lot for trying to call the police.

2.       By 2:30am the gang  beats and robs a 23 year old maintenance worker outside the MGM Grand Hotel (the victim suffered a broken jaw and collarbone)

3.       By 3:00am an innocent tourist is beaten and robbed outside a nearby Travelodge motel.

4.       Sunday April 23 at 2:30am the gang ransacked a Las Vegas grocery store, beat a customer and threatened to kill the store’s clerk.

5.       At 3:00am the gang beat and robbed an innocent couple at a nearby park.

6.       Within minutes of that, a man was shot in the same park.

Now that is a mountain! 

Yet, the Slimes et al totally ignore this mountain and elevate the molehill of a single alleged rape to 911 status. 

As one Durham resident commented about the alleged rape, “I'm trying not to call it racial terrorism, but that's really what it is.” 

Yes, it is racial terrorism...but against whom?  The “white” Duke laxers who have so far been completely exonerated by DNA evidence are still on the MSMs’ front pages with their lives already destroyed.  While...a black gang rampaging like a Hutu death squad is completely ignored. 

I guess that Al Sharpton was way ahead of the curve when he once asked “What's wrong with denouncing white interlopers?”  It has just taken the New York Times a few years to get on board.


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