If It Quacks Like A Duck

July 28, 2005 

With America on the verge of becoming a police-state, it’s probably time to consider surrender.  The endgame is in sight and America’s best move to avoid a total checkmate is to give away the farm.  Let’s face it, at every turn effective national security is being stymied by the hugs of politically correct “warriors”. 

Our peace-loving Islamic terrorists will end the American way of life by combining a few backpack bombs with a spineless U.S. national defense.  But America, or what’s left of it, can proudly go to hell in a hand basket full of PC hubris.   

Benjamin Franklin once published an admonishment counseling that “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  But in a rush to toe the PC mantra, democratic leaders, with bipartisan media support, are happy to have you do just that.  Ultimately, you may not be living in a constitutional republic but, you can be secure in the knowledge that the “rights” of Islamic extremists have been protected...at the cost of your liberty. 

Immediately following the 7-7 London bombings, security at U.S. mass transit systems was increased. The second round of failed bombings in London prompted NYC to start screening passengers and their baggage.  As Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly explained it, “Passengers carrying bags will be selected at random before they pass through turnstiles, and those who refuse to be searched won't be allowed to ride.”  Even though none of the 9-11 or 7-7 bombers were blue-eyed Midwestern grandmothers, Kelly stressed that, “...officers posted at subway entrances would not engage in racial profiling.”   

Passing from the ridiculous to the sublimely idiotic, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg mumbled "We just live in a world where, sadly, these kinds of security measures are necessary...Are they intrusive? Yes, a little bit. But we are trying to find that right balance."   

It’s amazingly considerate of Bloomberg to worry more about the rights of potential terrorists than he ever did about the rights of U.S. citizens trying to enjoy a smoke.  “Smokers”...”Off with their heads.” 

In an attempt to prove that there is nothing to fear from people who look like terrorists, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, a British Islamic cleric, promised that, “Militant Islamists will continue to attack Britain until the government pulls its troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.”  Please note that he said "Militant Islamists", not "Deadheads".   

The good Sheikh, who “condemned the killing of all innocent civilians” (more lip service), defined how Muslims will live in harmony with the other peoples of the world, “I would like to see the Islamic flag fly, not only over number 10 Downing Street, but over the whole world.”  Well, so much for peaceful coexistence.   

Another proof-positive that profiling is ineffective can be found in the outrage of the international Islamic community over those beastly Americans at Guantanamo Bay reportedly subjecting Mohamed al-Qahtani to abusive and degrading treatment.  Al-Qahtani, is a Saudi who tried to enter the US in August 2001 and team up with Mohamed Atta, the ringleader of the 9-11 hijackers.  No, he is not a blue-eyed blond from the Midwest.   

Atta was waiting for al-Qahtani at the Orlando airport but (amazingly) immigration officials denied al-Qahtani entry to the U.S.  This was before Norman Mineta busied security personnel with the task of saving America from the likes of Joe Foss

I think there was a time when “security” actually meant looking for people who fit a criminal “profile”.  The FBI has no problem “profiling” sexually sadistic serial murderers as being “95 percent...white males.”  So, what’s the problem with looking for swarthy terrorists?    

Personally, I don’t want to live in a police state.  I can understand that the unions are overjoyed at the prospects of employing zillions of new “first responders” who will be collecting benefits and pensions long after the last suicide bomber has dallied with his 72 virgins, but this war mustn’t become a politically correct bureaucratic pork barrel. 

Having security personnel waste their time searching a frat boy’s Coach Varick Leather Double Zip Commuter Bag really isn’t going to stop a suicide bomber.  Cockroaches have a way of staying out of the light. 

Terrorism is like a plague.  It has to be identified, isolated and eradicated.  As Ann Coulter reminds us often, “...nineteen nearly identical-looking Muslim men hijacked four airplanes and murdered 3,000 Americans”.   

So, what is the “right balance” between U.S. citizen rights and political correctness?  Oh please...when the first American-born Christian self-ignites in a Sonic drive-through I’ll take that question seriously.  Until then, it doesn’t take much mental horsepower to figure out that a bit of commonsense profiling is better than a whole lot of useless politically correct groping.   

I’m in no mode to kiss my liberties, and life, goodbye so the likes of Michael Bloomberg can feel enlightened.


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