May Flies Into June Bugs

May 12, 2005 

The Washington Post is wasting its clairvoyance on the “news”...they should be picking lottery numbers.  Post writer, Mark Leibovich, was savvy enough to realize that when friends are planning a tribute in your honor, “you know you're in trouble”.  Did he have the “Hollywood Gala Salute to President William Jefferson Clinton" in mind when he penned this wisdom?  Oh, that’s right...this Hollywood “Gala” was really a crooked fundraiser for Madame Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign.  No..No, he was referring to this week’s testimonial “The Conservative Movement Salutes Tom DeLay”. 

Of course, unlike the crooked Clinton fundraiser for which Hillary’s 2000 campaign finance director is under federal indictment, the DeLay event specifically clarifies that “This is a testimonial banquet, not a fund raising event. All proceeds go solely to defray the cost of the banquet.”  I can’t remember if the invitation for the Clinton’s August 2000 “Gala” contained the disclaimer that “WARNING: This is the biggest campaign finance scandal in history brought to you by a host of convicted felons, drug dealers, pimps and their boss...Madame Hillary.” 

With the most titillating campaign finance scandal trial in history set to begin this week, I can’t figure out why the media is so obsessed with Tom DeLay.  Yahoo made a Washington Post article, DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist, a front page link for an entire week.  All of the MSM ran front page stories day-after-day about DeLay and airfare...until it surfaced that Democrats were shoulder deep in the same swamp.   

When it was disclosed that lobbyist Jack Abramoff paid the expenses for two Democratic members of Congress (James Clyburn of South Carolina, the vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the senior Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee) to the Northern Mariana Islands, the presses went silent.   

That didn’t stop Tweedle-Dum-Pelosi from issuing the very clear denial that “It is not an issue of members of our Caucus having the same sort of a problem. Make no mistake - there is a drastic difference between the timing of reporting things and ethical behavior.”  What does that nonsense mean?  Maybe Pelosi is still mumbling about her illegal 2004 campaign fundraising tactics for which she was fined by the FEC. 

And now comes the fast breaking news about Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), former Clinton White House aide and chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  It seems that Emanuel received substantial campaign help from employees of Chicago’s water department.  You know...Mayor Daley’s Department of Water which is full of employees indicted on racketeering charges.   

As David Keene explains it, “Department officials running this operation would receive word from on high as to which campaigns to help and then swing into action...once word came down, he (the federally indicted deputy head of the department) would call his boys together (on city time and in their Water Department offices), devise a campaign plan and fan out to mobilize their employee army...Last week, investigators revealed the boys from the Water Department were heavily involved in Mr. Clean's 2002 primary (a.k.a. Rahm Emanuel). 

And speaking of titillating, do you think that when Kennedy-in-law, Ray Reggie, agreed to wear a wire for the Feds he ever imagined that Rosen would tattle on “a fat cat Clinton donor who said after a night of partying that he sent prostitutes to the hotel rooms of two top Clinton loyalists”?  Or that, “...the next day, (one of the loyalists) calls (the donor) from the golf course with Clinton (and) Clinton gets on the phone, (and says) I just wanna tell you something. . . . The day I'm outta office, I'm going out with you"?  Only the waistlines and cigar brands change. 

With all this fascinating corruption taking place in Democratic political circles, the MSM is treating the pie-in-the-sky DeLay accusations as the second coming of 19 Islamic terrorists in the friendly skies.  Of course you can find coverage of Hillary’s fundraising scandal in the New York Sun or The Times-Picayune of New Orleans.  But that’s because, like all Clinton scandals, Hillary knew nothing about it. 

That’s right...the Clintons: tap a guy (Peter Paul) for almost $2 million in campaign funding; are photographed and videoed hobnobbing with him at their fundraiser; sit at the same table and chit-chat with him...but they never knew he was a convicted felon until after they got his donations.  It is a certainty that the Secret Service vetted the guest list for this fundraiser as they do for every event the President attends.  You can bet that the Secret Service report on these guests is resting comfortably in the former location of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm billing records. 

It’s little wonder that Hillary threw a July 2002 hissy fit at Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) during a Democratic luncheon discussion of the pending McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Bill.  In her own words, Hillary knew that, “They will be all over you like a June bug” as she warned that “political adversaries would make senators' lives hell” if the legislation took effect.  Just maybe she was thinking about the fraudulent accounting for her 2000 fundraising “Gala” when she pondered that “opponents would pursue suits and criminal allegations that might ultimately be invalidated - but only after senators suffered political fallout and big legal bills.” 

Well Hillary...if you are worried about “opponents”, those are just the May flies.  Your June bugs will come soon enough in the form of a Justice department without Janet Reno at the top.  Just maybe, this time, when the heat gets turned up and your collar is soaked in sweat, you won’t be able to send the Feds off Waco.  Just maybe, this time, those June bugs you feel swarming all over you might turn out to be a pair of handcuffs.  And...just maybe, this time, the story might be reported in the MSM.  That is, of course, if Tom DeLay isn’t accused of accepting a stick of Beemans from the candy lobby.


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