Imprison Computer Criminals

August 29, 2003

NEW YORK (Reuters) 08/29/03—"Teenage Blaster Worm Suspect Under Investigation. The 18-year-old suspect...will likely be charged as an adult."

Well, golly gee! The intrepid authorities will most "likely" charge an 18 year old Adult as an Adult. What next, charging Saddam Hussein as an adult?

If the status quo is maintained, the criminal responsible for spreading the Blaster Worm will be intimidated and threatened until he divulges what he knows; given a slap on the wrist and a million dollar contract as a computer consultant. Crime...especially computer crime...pays big time. And...the computer consumer just lives with the unpleasant consequences.

If this suspect is arrested and found guilty, he should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. Any income resulting from his crime should be garnished as restitution for all the damage created by the propagation of the worm. And this should be a high profile public case.

The government’s job is to protect the law abiding citizen...Not to reward creative psychopaths as consultants for the computer industry.


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