The TSA Stupidity Tax

August 24, 2003

WINDSOR LOCKS -- An illuminated wall clock that baggage screeners at Bradley International Airport believed was suspicious shut a terminal for three hours, delayed some flights and drew a state police bomb squad Saturday night. The Hartford Courant 08/24/03

In a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, there were the primal TSA bureaucrats pondering the nature of a digital clock as passengers and airlines suffered inconvenience and economic losses. Sure there "could" have been a bomb in the clock, but there "could be bombs in electric shavers or PDA’s. Why doesn’t the TSA just have secure rooms to escort suspicious passengers and/or devices into?

First, that would take some common sense and would require some consideration. With their benefits and pensions secured, why would the federalized TSA bureaucrats care about common sense? After all, it’s much more fun to grope grandmothers and satisfy foot fetishes.

The better solution is to badger the American public and blame the passengers, "The unidentified owner of the device...denied any knowledge or possession of explosive devices or materials, state police said." "An investigation was continuing late Saturday night, state police said."

And this happening weeks after a post office was closed because of a suspected mail bomb... it turned out to be an adult toy. Once again, "The resident to whom the package was addressed will be notified of what happened, but will not be prosecuted."

I hope they are investigating the waste of taxpayer money and the economic damage created by another silly bunch of bureaucrats who graciously decline to prosecute taxpayers for possession of clocks and vibrators while God only knows what the much more clever terrorists are doing. What a laughing stock!


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